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Al Swearengen, Early Deadwood

Historical Black Hills characters, both factual and fictional, have taken center stage in the successful HBO series DEADWOOD." Al Swearengen is portrayed in the HBO production as the ruthless owner and manager of the Gem Theater in a way which, for the most part, is historically accurate.

W.E. Adams Biography

W.E. Adams was born to parents James Windsor and Sarah Ann (Prettyman) Adams in Michigan on May 13, 1854. The family later moved to Fairbault, Minnesota. According to information recently researched by Mary Kopco at Deadwood’s Adams Museum, William was enrolled in grammar school at the age of 7 (1861) in Minnesota, and by age 17 (1871) he was living in an Illinois boarding house and working for a local grocer.

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Badlands National Park

Over the centuries, the geologic formation known as the Badlands has been described as the closest thing to a lunar landscape that can be found on Earth, a scenic marvel.

Charlie Utter, Early Deadwood

C. H. (Charlie) Utter was born near Niagara Falls, New York, in 1838. He spent his youth in Illinois, then moved to western Colorado Territory in the 1850s where he earned his reputation as a trapper, prospector, and popular and well known packer and guide in the silver and gold regions of the Rocky Mountains west of Denver. Coming in at only five feet six inches tall, Charlie apparently made up for his size by his “dandified” appearance. He wore his blond hair long, complemented by a mousta

Red Cloud (Makhpyia-luta) - Part 1

We do not know the exact birth date of this famed Oglala Lakota Sioux leader, but he was likely born in late 1821 or 1822 near the forks of the Platte River in current-day central Nebraska.

Casey Tibbs, Rodeo Cowboy

According to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame, Casey Tibbs is to the sport of rodeo what Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig are to baseball; what Jack Dempsey and Muhammad Ali are to boxing; and what Red Grange is to football.

Red Cloud (Makhpyia-luta) - Part 2

In 1873 Red Cloud allowed himself and his band to be settled on the Red Cloud Agency near Camp Robinson, Nebraska. Many Sioux felt this action “sold out” his people to the United States government.

Calamity Jane - Part 2

I remained around Deadwood locating claims, going from camp to camp until the spring of 1877, where one morning, I saddled my horse and rode towards Crook city. I had gone about twelve miles from Deadwood, at the mouth of Whitewood creek, when I met the overland mail running from Cheyenne to Deadwood. The horses on a run, about two hundred yards from the station; upon looking closely I saw they were pursued by Indians.

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