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Al Swearengen, Early Deadwood

Historical Black Hills characters, both factual and fictional, have taken center stage in the successful HBO series DEADWOOD." Al Swearengen is portrayed in the HBO production as the ruthless owner and manager of the Gem Theater in a way which, for the most part, is historically accurate.

W.E. Adams Biography

W.E. Adams was born to parents James Windsor and Sarah Ann (Prettyman) Adams in Michigan on May 13, 1854. The family later moved to Fairbault, Minnesota. According to information recently researched by Mary Kopco at Deadwood’s Adams Museum, William was enrolled in grammar school at the age of 7 (1861) in Minnesota, and by age 17 (1871) he was living in an Illinois boarding house and working for a local grocer.

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Badlands National Park

Over the centuries, the geologic formation known as the Badlands has been described as the closest thing to a lunar landscape that can be found on Earth, a scenic marvel.

Calamity Jane - Part 2

I remained around Deadwood locating claims, going from camp to camp until the spring of 1877, where one morning, I saddled my horse and rode towards Crook city. I had gone about twelve miles from Deadwood, at the mouth of Whitewood creek, when I met the overland mail running from Cheyenne to Deadwood. The horses on a run, about two hundred yards from the station; upon looking closely I saw they were pursued by Indians.

Crazy Horse, The Man - Part 1

Much has been written about the man that came to be known as Crazy Horse. To this day his life and accomplishments are clouded in a fog of reality, and of myth.

Calamity Jane - Part 1

Calamity Jane was a hard drinking woman who wore men's clothing, used coarse language, chewed tobacco and was reportedly quite handy with a gun. Historians often dispute certain details of her autobiography, and some portions have been proven to be false, but . . .

Crazy Horse, The Man - Part 2

Crazy Horse’s band fought in the opening engagement of the War for the Black Hills of 1876-77, the Battle of Powder River.

E.B. Farnum, Mayor - Early Deadwood

In the plot lines of the HBO series Deadwood, the character of E. B. Farnum is portrayed by actor William Sanderson as a conniving, spineless pawn to the vile and manipulative Al Swearengen, as well as a poorly viewed member of the community. The real Farnum, however, was a much more respected citizen in the rip-roaring early days of Deadwood.

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