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Lame Johnny also known as Cornelius Donahue

There were more than a fair share of outlaws and thieves in the annals of early Black Hills history. One of these unfortunate souls led a life that ended with a posse’s noose in October of 1878. Lame Johnny (his nickname) became the stuff of legends in the region. Cornelius Donahue was born in Philadelphia in 1850. Donahue attended and apparently did well in his studies at Girard College for a time before moving south after the Civil War to work on a Texas ranch.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

In September of 1974, NBC Television introduced America to the Ingalls family, a pioneer family that had made its way west a century earlier. The story line of the 10 seasons and 208 episodes of Little House on the Prairie was loosely taken from the 10 biographical books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Lewis and Clark Expedition - Part 1

2004 marked the two hundredth anniversary of one of the more influential explorations in the history of the United States – The Lewis and Clark Expedition of the Louisiana Purchase. The profound effects of the journey forever changed the Northern Plains region, including the Black Hills and its indigenous people.

Lewis and Clark Expedition - Part 2

September 26: Set out early. Captain Lewis and 5 men went on shore with the chiefs, who appeared disposed to make up and be friendly. After Captain Lewis had been on shore about 3 hours, I became uneasy for fear of deception, and sent a sergeant to see him and know his treatment, which he reported was friendly, and they were preparing for a dance this evening. They made frequent solicitations for us to remain one night only and let them show their good disposition toward us. We determined to

Lights, Camera, Black Hills

Over the years, the Black Hills, region has had a starring role in a number of motion pictures and television productions. Filming of documentaries and films here goes back to the early years of the 20th Century. In 1913, Buffalo Bill Cody Productions filmed a short epic called “The Indian Wars.” Also in that decade the pioneering Black American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux completed his early work “The Homesteader” southeast of the Badlands near Winner.